4th Dimension (Covid-19 Lockdown)

Hey, let's stay where we are (maar niet te lang meer). Nieuwe Coronavideoclip van The Valerie Solanas, geëdit door Bert Lezy! Love me to the 4th dimension, The Valerie Solanas in lockdown modus, video edit by Bert Lezy, with Tom Tiest, Filip Vandebril, Lien De Greef, Michael Brijs

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The Day that the Sunlight was Gone (Arbeid Adelt cover) #DeFakkel #Trix

The last few days we had a great time in the now well-developed home studio of Tommy Tiest (completely Corona-proof !!), with an enchanting hit by Arbeid Adelt / Marcel Vanthilt. Here is our version o...

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The Return of Jesus Christ nominated for IMPALA'S European Independent Album of the Year Award

Our Album The Return of Jezus Christ has been shortlisted for the IMPALA 2019 European Album of the Year Award !“The return of Jesus Christ" is the Belgian entry for the 10th edition of this annual ...

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The Statuette (new video)

The Statuette appears on the album "The Return Of Jesus Christ" by The Valerie Solanas. (Green l.f.ant Records). Music by The Valerie Solanas Michael Brijs : vocals, flute, synth Tom Tiest : guitars ...

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Live at the Stream

Op zondag 28 maart 2021 om 13u 's middags spelen The Valerie Solanas een concert wat u zal kunnen beluisteren en bekijken vanuit uw (luie) zetel.De stream zal zondag te bekijken zijn in bovenstaande y...

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